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Sunday, March 21, 2010


On Monday, March 15th, my niece, Emily Wilkes, one of my original Red Pants Girls, walked on, leaving behind many family and friends who will miss her spirit.

A Poem for Emily

Stay Here
I looked and could not see you,
Slowly fading into the mist of days.

But to the end we fought to keep you here,
And make you stay.

You lent us your gentle spirit,
But I felt your need to break away.
In the end, your spirit knew best
How to soar free, not to stay.

Remember Me
For your love of things struggling in the world,
We remember you.
For your light step and lighter laughter,
We remember you.
For what we can make of our lives from yours,
We remember you.

God speed, Emily
Fly free and
Watch over us all

Emily's Promise - Do something good for the world in Emily's name


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