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Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Pictures from Solidaire Provence Afghanistan

Here are new photos from Afghanistan and Nafissa - the beautiful faces of the children. I believe these are from her village where she is supporting a school. I've included two poems written by Afghani women from How2.

The beautiful poems are from How2 New Writing
Written for women in Afghanistan

My world
Where is the ear
to hear my cries?
Where is the eye
to see my tears?
I am the ashes of a hopeless fire
Where is the wind
to refresh my flames?
I am a silent Darvish
sitting in the cell of my grief
Where is the flute
to sing my sorrows?

 by Fevziye Rahgozar Barlas


Remember you promised
When the birds fly back home
When the winter is gone
When the spring sun shines again
You will be here
You will be back
Winter is gone
Birds are back home
Spring sun is shining
You are not here
You are not back 

by Fatana Jahangir Ahrary